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Disabled Community Rules

By joining the Disabled Community at Hippo you agree to follow the Community rules:

What happens if a member does not not follow these rules?

You must have consent from all involved members before sharing any private information from a private community space.

Private community spaces include:

  • #disabled-hippos Slack channel
  • personal conversations between members

Private information includes:

  • discussion in private community spaces
  • who is a member of the private community

Consent is not needed when someone has expressed that their life is in immediate danger.

We prioritise privacy but it cannot be guaranteed so use your personal judgement on what to share.


To help build a safe and welcoming environment where people can talk openly.

Do not give medical advice

If a member asks for medical advice, encourage them to seek guidance from a health care professional before sharing any personal experience.

Do not push diagnosis or particular treatment on another member.


  • we are not doctors, we only know what works for ourselves.
  • members could be harmed following medical advice without their doctor.

What happens if a member does not follow the rules?

  1. If appropriate, remind them of the rules and ask them to stop.
  2. If the issue persists or is severe, message Nick Colley or Sophie Strong.

The member not following the community rules will be removed from private community spaces until the issue can be resolved.

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