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Ethnic Minorities

Welcome to the Ethnic Minorities Group!

We are a group of Hippos who identify as an Ethnic Minority, whether that is due to Religious Beliefs, Cultural or due to our Ethnicity or something else entirely.

We are a friendly bunch from across all different areas of Hippo.
We are a very new community, so we are working out how our community is run, but we currently have a private Slack channel and meet semi-regularly for an informal chat.
We’ve spoken about things such as festivals/days we mark, how Hippo can become more aware of how we feel as a group, our personal reasons for being in the group and so much more.

The hope is to create a public/open Slack channel for allies and friends to learn more about what life is like for those from Ethnic Minorities.

How to join

If you feel like this is a group for you please contact Amelia Collins-Patel she can add you to the group. Likewise if you have any questions please message Amelia.

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