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Green Hippos

First of all, welcome to the Green Hippos community!

We started “Green Hippos” with the aim of building a community that will encourage Hippo to become more sustainable.

If you have questions about the Green Hippos community or anything on this drive, get in touch with Heather Paxton or Steve Saunders.

The community is for:


It’s especially for those who want to find like-minded individuals who are, or are interested and trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We sometimes call ourselves Grippos (Green Hippos), but that is not mandatory.

The community is here to:

  • Educate, grow awareness and promote sustainable practices
  • Support Hippos goal to be a Net Zero business by 2025
  • Consider the impact of Hippo and ourselves on the environment
  • Encourage Hippos to live a greener lifestyle
  • Support those making changes
  • Celebrate sustainable activities of people within the community
  • Support other communities within Hippo
  • Make Hippo and the planet better for everyone

Read more about what we want to see from our members in our community guidelines.

How to join in

  • Add yourself to the #green-hippos slack channel
  • Have a browse of the Miro for information, green news and some workshops we’ve done
  • Read our resources, links and further info on sustainable topics in the Green Hippos google drive
  • Browse the Trello board and let us know if you’re interested in helping any of our goals
  • Read our monthly tips from previous Hippo newsletters
  • Join our meet ups (usually the last Wednesday of every month)

If you need to request access to any of our resources, or want to get involved even more, let Heather Paxton or Steve Saunders know!

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