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Women In Tech

Spaces for women and non binary folk at Hippo and allies of gender equity in tech.

How to join

  • Searching the Slack channels for community-women-in-tech
  • Getting in touch with Steph Varley to access the closed group

I’m an ally, how can I help?

It’s every’s responsibility to advocate for gender equity, particularly in industries that are male dominated such as tech. You can help support this by looking out for learning opportunities and sharing these on the open channels so others can be more aware, and speaking up for those not in the room if you see someone being sexist or prejudiced.

Key Dates

International Women’s Day - 8th March

Ada Lovelace Day - Second Tuesday of October


A Guide For Women In Tech

Open Community Guidelines

Moderate the space: The DIB forum members will act as moderators for the open channels and help direct people to resources/previous discussions to avoid duplication and frustration for those advising.

Be open-minded: We’re not all going to agree all of the time, but we can still listen and respect others who hold a different view to us.

Cultural awareness is key: we’re a multicultural company and country and we’re not all going to agree all of the time, but we can still listen and respect others who hold a different view to us.

Contribute meaningful content: Join discussions, share new or signpost existing resources and learning opportunities, celebrate events and be an active ally.

Use inclusive and neutral language: Feel comfortable to supportively challenge language that isn’t inclusive so that others can learn too, and have gratitude for feedback you may get.

Educate yourself: It is not the responsibility of people who identify in a minority group to educate you if you’re not willing to spend some time finding answers yourself. There shouldn’t be any pressure put on these individuals to do additional work and we’ll be mindful of how this could affect their wellbeing. Sharing lived experience and giving feedback will be at the discretion of the individual/s.

Empower others: We want to make positive, meaningful change and it’s everyone’s responsibility to engage in all aspects of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, regardless of how you identify. Advocate for those not there, but be mindful of speaking on their behalf.

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