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Disabled Community

Space for disabled Hippos to support each other and chat.

Includes people who are chronically ill, disabled, D/deaf, neurodivergent or have a mental health condition.

We focus on life experience, no diagnosis needed

How to join

We have a private Slack channel so people can feel comfortable sharing their experiences and as a group we do not share people’s identities or experiences wider without consent.

We currently have over 30 people in the group.

To join the Slack channel, message Sophie Strong or Dani Massarano

You will be asked to read and agree to the community rules.

Not joined Hippo but want to talk to disabled community members? You can email Sophie Strong


I’m an ally, how can I help?

We’ll share anything we need help actioning when they come up.

Learn more about Disability and the Disabled community:

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